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How to lubricate the bearings?

How to lubricate the bearings?


make moving easier

Avoid wear and material fatigue

reduce internal friction

Make sure the bearing is sealed against foreign objects

Reduce working noise

Protect bearings from corrosion

You have two options: grease or oil.

In general, grease lubrication is definitely the easiest and most efficient option because it has all of the above features and is less expensive to maintain. However, if your bearings are integrated in an oil lubricated machine, we recommend that you use the same lubrication system.

In any case, the choice of lubricant depends on three factors: load, type of operation (continuous or intermittent) and rotational speed.

If bearings are prone to high loads, operate continuously and rotate at high speeds, oil lubrication is the ideal solution to ensure the proper functioning of rolling systems.

Conversely, if the load is low and the speed is limited, then grease is sufficient.

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