The oil quality for fag flanged linear bearing using - bearing the influence of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Fag bearing has the world's most mature the most comprehensive used for high precision machine tool spindle bearing products, represents the highest technical level of performance. Bearing for almost all the design of the main shaft bearing on the market. So the choice of flanged linear bearing can meet the requirements of most of the specific application. This kind of fag bearing contact shape, material selection, surface quality, and the best lubricant character such as feed has the following advantages: 1. High resolution 2. Excellent high speed performance. 3. 4 high stiffness. Good seismic performance. In the fag bearing system, oil plays an important role. Use of grease or oil lubrication has a great influence on the system cost. Lubricant before use must undergo strict validation procedures. Calculation for specific application requirements and usability testing, such as the temperature of the high-speed spindle performance and working performance, the whole process is very important. The results of this complex process is to verify the lubricant technology parameters are verified, the accurate fit through the continuous guaranteed. Flanged linear bearing materials of metallurgical quality were the main factors influencing the fag bearing early failure. As metallurgy technology, For example, the bearing steel vacuum degassing, etc. ) Progress, raw material quality is improved. Raw material quality factor in the bearing failure analysis share has declined obviously, but it is still one of the main influence factors of bearing failure. Select material adequacy is still bearing failure analysis factors must be considered. Fag bearing cage is zoning and keep two kinds of structure. One of the large bearing general requirements under high load, often without a cage, but full of rolling element between the inner and outer raceway. While most of the small and medium-sized flanged linear bearing is with a cage. In fag bearing in machining process, the bearing's outer ring, inner ring, rolling body and is how to a cage. Simply put, is to put the bearing inner and outer ring, inner ring pull over, and then put a rolling body ( On one side) , and then adjust the rolling body position, in the end, put the cage. Now we all know, in the process of flanged linear bearing is a cage, so bearing cage main exactly is what effect?
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