The motor shaft seal wear repair don't have to worry about - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
High-power motor using sliding bearing as a general rotary support, medial labyrinth seal and bearing the axial coordination, the region once wear will cause oil leakage into the motor internal cause potential safety hazard. Usually bearing in running condition will not result in a seal and the shaft directly friction wear, but once the bearing shell problems or excessive wear, because of the sealing part is made of polyurethane has good wear resistance, the motor shaft position extremely prone to wear and tear. Wear and tear problems once appear, if not timely treatment cause equipment problem such as oil leakage, shorter service life of bearing. Motor shaft seal wearing high speed wire rod finishing mill of high speed wire rod production line is key equipment, for the high speed rolling provide necessary conditions for the stability of the production situation. Finishing mill group assembly precision, high speed and the finishing mill group of top speed of 140 m/s, and the motor is the main equipment for the finishing mill power, equipment maintenance quality directly influences the whole GaXian production, is the guarantee of wire rod to realize high speed rolling. Due to the bulky equipment, traditional repair technology can not solve, can only take the technology to repair at the site. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials field repair motor shaft seal wear technical advantages: sauvy industrial carbon nanometer polymer repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and corresponding repair process online repair, including motor, various axial wear problem. Simple repair technology: using the unworn standard fit size to restore worn parts size sauvy engineer the worn surface polishing his advantage is good, stick relay with good pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and have metal comprehensive mechanics performance of elastic deformation, etc, which can realize the online repair, repair of high efficiency, no need to equipment of disassembly, usually eight hours to complete the repair. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer material similar to a cold welding technology, on-line repairing process does not produce high temperature, good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and in the process of repair is not restricted by axial uneven wear amount. Carbon nano polymer materials in use process does not produce metal fatigue wear and tear on the premise of normal equipment maintenance, the service life of repaired even higher than the service life of the new parts. The motor shaft seal wear after repair
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