The cause and management of motor bearing oil - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Frequently occurred in the process of using high power motor oil leakage phenomenon, significantly characterized by the structure of the sliding bearing oil leakage, in the process of maintenance, in view of the motor oil possible reasons were analyzed, and the following solutions are obtained. 1 sliding bearing inside and outside differential pressure forced lubrication bearing, lubricating oil itself has certain pressure, oil will produce bubbles when the shaft is running to produce a certain pressure. Motor at run time because of the fan will produce certain negative pressure, so as to increase the oil inside and outside differential pressure, lead to the oil. In order to balance the oil inside and outside differential pressure, the oil chamber is equipped with differential pressure balance of ventilation pipe with the outside world, but in use process will produce congestion, increased oil chamber pressure caused the spill. Solution: check whether the balance pipe is loose regularly and promptly clean up fuel tank vent. 2 hydraulic adjustment does not reach the designated position caused poor oil return oil pressure too high or too low will lead to poor oil return. Oil pressure is too low, lead to the oil in the oil chamber for a long time, in the process of shaft operation result in higher temperature, resulting in high pressure caused by oil mist; Oil pressure is too high, can make the oil return ability is insufficient, and large amount of oil in the oil chamber of the oil level is too high to increase the internal pressure. Solution: adjust the forced lubrication in 0. 1 to 0. 8 mpa, make the oil chamber of the oil level in the position of the sight glasses 1/2 ~ 1/3, and it is advisable to keep the oil flowing back. 3 return pipe design unreasonable return pipe road design unreasonable can also lead to poor oil return resulting in indoor pressure increases. Back into line with the impurities or the pipe cleaning not net will cause the clogging in the filter, such as caused by oil. Solution: return pipe oil export should be with the inlet chamber of the road on the same horizontal plane, the whole line is under 15 ° inclined to back to the fuel tank and natural oil return to return pipe. At the same time should be regular cleaning filters and the lubricating oil pipeline. 4 floating palace seal loose floating palace and shaft interface due to long time friction, wear, which causes large clearance between shaft; Seal (floating palace FIG. 1) Fixed spring elasticity coefficient change, make the floating palace seal is loose, which resulted in increased clearance. Solution: regular inspection, timely replacement. 5 seal oil baffle and shaft interface wear make clearance is too large seal oil baffle and shaft surface wear clearance is too large; Seal oil block in the oil return hole is too small or impurities clogging, cannot satisfy the actual oil return amount. Solution: replace the sealing oil block, to modify the sealing oil block. Change oil seal and shaft interface materials, replacement for wear resistant materials; Increase the oil return hole ( FIG. 2) To make it meet the needs of the actual oil return ( Shoulds not be too big) 。 6 in the process of sliding bearing installation, mishandling seal bearing box on tile cover and lower cover seal between the sealing oil baffle and sealing between the oil chamber of improper handling; Long run lead to tighten bolt looseness, sealant aging metamorphism resulting in seal is lax. Solution: in the process of back pack, the contact surface with reliable performance of the sealant, and evenly daub, right amount. Secondary returned it must be the original sealant when dealing with clean before applying new sealant. 7 oil change the oil in the foam is much and increasing in the lubrication system, foam occupy more space, resulting in indoor pressure increases, differential pressure lead to larger lubricating oil from the shaft seal and seal oil block and floating palace with the axis of the gap between appear. Solution: test analysis of lubricating oil regularly, such as oil have problems to change in time. The analysis of the causes of the above motor sliding bearing oil and the solution in practice to achieve a certain effect, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit.
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