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by:Waxing     2020-06-01
The beads in the bearing is how to put it in? Finish see to understand, long knowledge! 2018/8/27 15:07:11 source: http://www. zcwz。 Com believes that many friend at the time of repair their own cars have come into contact with the bearing in the car, you should be familiar to it, after all, bearing is modern mechanical facilities inside very important a part, its main function is to support the inside of the machine body of revolution, thus reducing it in the movement of the friction produces in the process, and ensure the accuracy of mechanical while moving backwards, often used in metallurgy, wind power generation, mining equipment and aerospace. Is a seemingly simple, but full of technical parts, its material is qualitative hardness is very high, it is no vehicles are basic. The appearance of general bearing in two round ring, filled with a lot of ball in the middle. Small make up also very like to play with that little ball in childhood, may have been having trouble to the ball to dig out, so friends ever as curious as small make up the inside of the bearing beads what install inside? Here small make up is to explain to you how to pack these beads are? In general, we see the bearing there are a lot of kinds, small make up today of this kind of bearing belongs to rolling bearing with beads. This type of bearings in general by the inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and maintains a four parts. Put these parts assembled in accordance with the provisions of the technical requirements, and then through a series of debugging, inspection, etc to make it become a qualified product, a process known as assembly. Believe that the other children in the process, the most curious is how to put the ball into the two ring inside, this principle is very simple actually. On assembly before you choose the inside and outside the circle of form a complete set, first to one side of the outer side of the inner ring is placed, so that the other side there is enough space to place the steel ball, a certain number of steel ball is placed after the completion of distributing the ball with small claws will use the separate steel ball uniform, placed after the position adjustment can keep frame, and will remain fixed riveting and so the bearings will be finished assembly. And a rolling bearing in our daily life, but it is filled with steel ball inside, this type of bearings are generally used to hold the ball with a hole. After open the can see this kind of bearing has put the ball in the side gap, the ball can be directly from the gap to fill in. But this type of bearings under axial load capacity is small, less so in daily life usage. Bearings include sliding bearings, but in the use of sliding bearing is small, only certain industries have rarely seen in the use of daily life.
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