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Rolling bearing small necessary knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-11-17
Rolling bearing small knowledge necessary angular contact ball bearings angular contact bearings limit rotational speed is higher, can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, also can withstand pure axial load, nominal contact Angle & alpha; There are 15 & deg; ,25度; 40度; Three. α , the greater the axial bearing ability. Usually used in pairs, symmetrical installation. Limit rotational speed is higher. Suitable for high speed, at the same time under radial and axial load. Self-aligning ball bearing self-aligning ball bearing consists of two columns of steel ball, the inner ring by two raceway, outer ring raceway is spherical shape, with automatic self-aligning properties; Used to bear radial load, can also carry a small amount of two-way axial load. Inside and outside the circle of the axis relative deviation allowed to 0. 5° ~ 2度; , is suitable for the fulcrum, small bending stiffness of shaft, and is difficult to accurately for the bearing. Cylindrical roller bearing roller of roller bearing is usually guided by a bearing ring two guard, insist on the rack, roller and guide ring combination a combination, with another bearing ring, respectively belong to this type of bearings can be respectively; These bearings can bear radial load, unable to bear axial load, inner ring and outer ring are only carry penal single directional axial load bearing can withstand the smaller or larger gap axial load. And the load bearing ability than with the size of the ball bearing, especially under impact load ability is strong, high limit speed. Self-aligning roller bearing self-aligning roller bearing has two columns of roller, it is mainly used for radial load, at the same time also can accept any direction axial load, have high radial load ability, especially suitable for overloading or under vibration loading work, but can't accept pure axial load. Self-aligning performance is good, can compensate the alignment error. It is mainly used for rolling mill. High temperature bearing such high temperature bearing USES the needle as a large number (roller For 3 ~ 10 times the diameter of the roller length, average diameter is not more than 5 mm) , ordinary not adhere to the frame. Radial structure is compact, and the radial bearing ability is very strong, the price is low. Defect is unable to bear axial load, there is friction between roller, rotary accuracy and limit rotational speed is low, work does not allow the inner and outer axis deflection. Commonly used in rotational speed is low and the limited size of the radial location. The previous: the personage inside course of study on the bearing of the inner packing specification: next article briefly describes the main types of rolling bearing and its code
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