Lubrication devices and their names, performance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
Heavy machinery ( Including rolling mill and its auxiliary equipment) Commonly used there are dry oil, thin oil lubrication device, oil mist lubrication device; Domestic lubrication of mechanical equipment has been basically can complete supply. Here is one of the main lubrication devices, its name, the performance is as follows: standard thin oil lubrication device (heavy machinery JB/ZQ4586- 86). This standard applies to the metallurgical, heavy, mining machinery and equipment, such as thin oil circulating lubrication system in thin oil lubrication device, working medium viscosity grade for N22 - N460 industrial lubricants, circulating cooling device adopts column tube cooler. Thin oil lubrication device of the nominal pressure of 0. 63MPa; Filtration precision low viscosity of 0. 08mm; High viscosity of 0. 12毫米; Cooling water temperature is less than or equal to 30 ℃ industrial water; Cooling water pressure is less than 0. 4MPa; Cooler when inlet temperature is 50 ℃, the lubricating oil temperature drop is greater than or equal to 8 ℃; The steam pressure to zero. 2 - 0. 4MPa。 Main lubrication components pressure range is above 10 mpa, 20 mpa, 40 mpa, including 20 mpa, 40 mpa is the introduction of foreign technology production products, produced by taiyuan lubrication equipment factory and Shanghai lubrication equipment factory. The other products, in addition to the two, there's the lubrication equipment factory in shenyang and xi 'an lubrication equipment factory production, etc. Thin oil system, four components production.
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