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Fight against the SARS-CoV-2, orderly resumption of work, the bearing industry in action

Fight against the SARS-CoV-2, orderly resumption of work, the bearing industry in action


The Spring Festival in 2020 was unexpected, and the unexpected arrival of the new coronavirus disrupted the order of people's work and life. The people's liberation army commander and white angel, rushed to wuhan, starlight departure; The whole nation is concerned about hubei to strictly control the epidemic; Bearing industry donations and donations of love, orderly resumption of work in action!

China bearing industry association in the first place to all members and industry enterprise issued a call for "coagulation hearts meet force, unity is strength, resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control war", called on everyone to learn xi general secretary to make a series of important instructions and the central committee of the communist party of China "on strengthening the party's leadership, to win the epidemic war provided the notice of a strong political guarantee, the implementation of the China machinery industry federation President, secretary of the party committee rui-xiang wang request epidemic prevention and control work at four o 'clock. I hope you will work hard to: firm confidence, the overall situation; Detailed work, scientific prevention and control; The party building leads, the pioneer demonstration, the whole industry makes concerted efforts, resolutely wins the epidemic prevention and control war. At the same time, China axis association quickly established the linkage communication mechanism, smooth information contact with enterprises, timely reflect the needs of enterprises, and try its best to solve problems for enterprises. In the industry to collect bearing enterprises anti - epidemic typical cases, promote positive energy.微信图片_20200312112833At an important moment of progress against the epidemic, the bearing industry has started an orderly resumption of work:

Bearing leading enterprises and the time race, urgent to the front of the urgent, want to fight the epidemic, production of full horsepower for the special bearing of medical CT machine, to ensure the urgent need of the front equipment, with actual action to fight the epidemic frontline escort;

Military bearing enterprises started the emergency plan at the first time, put into the work with the attitude of facing war, and guarantee the quality with the spirit of excellence, so as to provide bearing support for the air battle eagle transporting anti-epidemic substances, showing the advantages and potential brought by the integration of military and civilian;

The automobile bearing manufacturing enterprise, the dry group one - stop, up and down mobilization, go all out for the production of key products, ensure quality and quantity to complete the timely delivery of the negative pressure ambulance hub bearing, for the fight against the epidemic.

Bearing enterprises are all over the country, bearing products affect the huge industrial chain of the national economy, bearing industry and anti - epidemic front closely. The outbreak of the epidemic has caused a short-term impact on the economic development of the bearing industry, but the long-term fundamentals of China's economy have not changed. We are duty-bound to take back the time lost by the epidemic, make up for the losses caused by the epidemic and restore the work order disrupted by the epidemic. The soldiers in white clothes set an example for us to fight with the disease, orderly return to work, and the race against time is not only against the epidemic front strong support, but also our obligatory duty. We both want to win the fight against the outbreak of war, total war, also want to win return to work, to be completed and production economic development, we believe that as long as the outbreak of the crisis into opportunities, the current pressure into motive force, increase production capacity, expanding supply, bearing industry will continue to stride forward in the development of high quality road.

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