How to install can make TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing to achieve maximum life - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
In order to ensure the long life of TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearings, cannot meet the requirement from general installation and adjustment, proper mainly take the following measures: ( 1) Will TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing according to the interference fit the size of the surface groups, each group of TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing again according to its clearance size in sequence. The corresponding shaft or hole diameter, the same group. Will interference fit surface size of TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing with large diameter shaft group or a corresponding matching hole group, the smaller the corresponding set of matching with small diameter. In each of the corresponding set of matching, clearance of TIMKEN take tighter with self-aligning ball bearings, little TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing clearance is a loose fit. Such matching results, made in the same batch of machine installation, TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing accords with interference, neither too loose, but also tight, clearance is relatively uniform, thus ensuring TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing is installed prestressed fitting, and avoid peristalsis, ring throwing, burst, due to the improper clearance and the shock, vibration or fever, such as well as abnormal TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing failure. ( 2) At the ends of the supporting shaft neck and coaxial degree of hole and the end of the bearing perpendicularity to guarantee strictly, prevent the formation of the additional load. If possible, outside of TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearing load function of mechanical components should be a little away from that end of the easily damaged TIMKEN self-aligning ball bearings, shaft and rotate at the same time as far as possible a system running smoothly.
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