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The difference between plastic bearings and metal bearings

The difference between plastic bearings and metal bearings


What is the difference between plastic bearings and metal bearings?The difference in material use of bearing products is divided into plastic and metal categories. Although the basic function is the same in actual work, it can be seen that there are still great differences between the two kinds of bearing products.You can distinguish it from the following:

1. Quality

Obviously, the weight of plastic must be lighter than that of metal, so the plastic bearing manufactured is also more advantageous in the quality level, which can better meet the design standards of lightweight products.

2. The process

Generally, plastic bearings are produced and processed by injection molding. The simple process is particularly suitable for the production and processing of large quantities of products, while metal bearings need to go through casting and other related processes. The complexity of metal bearings makes it impossible to meet the standards of mass production.

3. The performance

Plastic bearings will not be affected by environmental factors, rust, corrosion and other abnormal phenomena even if they are used in bad environment.And metal bearings in this respect can not be guaranteed, because the metal is easy to react with acid, alkali, etc., resulting in rust.

4. Service life

The excellence of the performance level, coupled with the whole is made of lubricating materials, causes the plastic bearing to have a long service life, and if the lubricating materials on the surface of the metal bearing are rubbed, the service life will be affected.

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