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High speed motor bearing matching doorways - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-04
Bearing is the key to the support of the normal operation of motor parts and components, in addition to the manufacturing process control, the design of the motor bearing configuration is very important, such as vertical and horizontal motor should be chosen different bearing configuration, motor of the different speed requirements should also choose different bearings. In conversation with a friend, its matching with original ideas for bearing, so Ms. Has carried on the induction, and share with you. 1 horizontal motor bearing configuration on both ends of the horizontal motor should try to use a ball bearing and a bearing. At present domestic more than 2 very small and medium-sized motor adopts two ball bearings, although some manufacturer will bearing interior diameter tolerance zone made some adjustments to the direction of the clearance fit, in order to alleviate fever after ball bearing extruded ills. But as a result of the expansion coefficient of bearing coat than bear the bearing chamber of cast iron parts - — Or bearing sets of large and bearing a coat of temperature is higher, so the original bearing coat at room temperature can be a little bit of the axial sliding bearing chamber, but bearing during operation after heated also not necessarily can string move, that is using two ball bearings bearing life is short, the main reason for the fever. Using two ball bearing motor after temperature rise test, stop temperature measurement, sometimes is to drive motor bearing is burn out for the second time, the reason is that the ball bearing clearance for the rotor heat bilges cold shrink, coat nor in bearing chamber peristalsis, make the ball under high axial force caused by. If using a ball bearing and bearing a column, the above problems can be avoided. With a good motor factory will H560 stand number 2 in the extremely high voltage motor, from the two ball bearings instead of a ball bearing, bearing a column, the late running effect is very good. In addition to the conventional overhaul cycle change bearing, a normal run time never failure. And is measured at the bearing temperature was 20 ℃. This is the first time domestic the 2 pole motor adopts traditional 2 ball bearings instead of a ball bearing, bearing the success of a column, has been gradually on the explosion-proof motor. In order to solve the main bearing instead of ball bearing limit speed after fever, noise problem, can use light series column bearing, outside and put it on the fan, cooling condition is good, at the same time bearing noise can also be swallowed up by the fan noise. If the power is larger of the 2 pole motor, the bearing model number is larger, light series column bearing also up to the limit speed of hard, also can change the bearing grease to thin oil. 2 vertical motor bearing configuration when the vertical motor to drag the cylinder in the petrochemical system with pump, because of the multi-stage cylinder pump in the starting moment of the axial force upward, plus freight on request, and in order to eliminate the damage of the rotor thermal expansion brings to the bearing, the vertical tube with pump motor ( Are 2 or 4 pole) Motor, bearing should choose to install two single row angular contact ball bearings, the bearings with cylindrical bearings, is to choose light series is advisable. To prevent thrust ball bearing damage, two to install bearing there should be a additive of axial force on the bearing a coat. His strength to ensure that the size of the transport and starting, the bearing is not due to the backward from the shaft extension end to the load for axial force and the damage degree. 3 bearing type and model choice should choose light series as far as possible the 2 pole motor bearings; Pole for more than 4 pole and the positive and reverse electric stories selected series bearing; Positive and reverse the low-speed electric made series of weight bearing. Light, medium and heavy shall choose a ball bearing, bearing a column, two pole motor bearings should be placed on the shaft end. In recent years some electric two ball bearings used in the 2 pole motor selection of large clearance of ball bearings, bearing heat makes it is ease for runtime clearance measures of reducing incur bearing damage. But the big clearance of bearing mechanical noise will also increase. If using a ball bearing, a column bearings, bearing chamber of tolerance has been properly selected can also eliminate the above disadvantages.
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