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Bearing removal

Bearing removal


Removal of outer ring

Remove the outer ring of interference fit, as shown in figure 10. In advance, several screw holes are arranged on the circumference of the bearing seat for the installation and removal of bolts. Remove the bearing by evenly tightening the bolt. These threaded holes are usually covered with blind plugs. Separate bearings, such as tapered roller bearings, are shown in FIG. 11. Several incisions are arranged on the shoulder of bearing block block.


Furthermore, the puller as shown in FIG. 13 and FIG. 14 is often used. No matter what kind of tool, its puller must be firmly stuck on the inner ring end face. To do this, the shaft shoulder size needs to be taken into account or grooves need to be machined at the shaft shoulder for the use of the puller (FIG. 14)

The disassembly of large bearing inner ring adopts hydraulic method. Through the oil hole on the shaft, the high pressure oil is passed into the mating surface for easy drawing. For bearings with large width, disassembly can be carried out at the same time with puller.

The inner ring of NU type and NJ type cylindrical roller bearings can be removed by induction heating method. This method is in a short time to heat the local, so that the inner ring after the expansion of the drawing. (FIG. 15) induction heating method is also used when batch installation of such bearing inner ring is required.

Removal of tapered bearing

Remove the smaller bearing with a compact sleeve, as shown in FIG. 18. Support the inner ring with the retaining block fastened to the shaft, loosen the nut, pad the block, and then knock the bushing off with a hammer. Figure 16 is the operation of pulling and removing the sleeve. Remove with lock nut. In the case of difficult operation, as shown in FIG. 17, multiple bolt holes are arranged on the circumference of the nut, and the bushing is drawn by screwing in the bolt.

Large bearing, easy to disassemble by hydraulic, as shown in FIG. 19. Pressure feed oil in the oil hole on the cone shaft to expand the inner ring and remove the bearing

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