FAG bearing limit speed detection requirements and processing method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
FAG bearing limit rotational speed is not burned to produce friction heat and the threshold of the continuous rotation. FAG bearing limit speed by FAG bearing size, type, lubrication, the accuracy of oil gap, load and other factors, but the most important still is lubricant and the influence of ambient temperature. Rotating at high speed, especially the speed close to or exceeds the limit speed of the dimension table records, major should pay attention to the following matters: ( 1) Using high precision FAG bearing; ( 2) Analyzing FAG bearing internal clearance more, considering the temperature rise of FAG bearing internal clearance reduction; ( 3) Analysis of lubrication. Lubrication is suitable for high speed rotating cycle, splash lubrication, and lubrication oil mist lubrication and oil lubrication methods. ( 4) Analysis of the cage material model. For high-speed rotation, suitable for use of copper alloy cage or phenolic resin system. But there are also suitable for high speed spinning of synthetic resin molding cage; For small machinery, rotate to confirm whether can use hand smoothly. Projects include: 1, have because caused by foreign bodies, scars, indentation seized up; 2, there are installed without bad, install processing torque instability as a result of the poor; 3, have without clearance is too small, installation error, seal friction caused by the torque is too big, and so on. If there is no more than no abnormal phenomenon appears, then you can start power operation. However, for large machines cannot be manually rotated. So after no-load start immediately cut off the power, machine idle, check whether there is presence of vibration, noise, rotating parts contact, etc. , confirmed after no abnormalities, into power operation. Dynamic operation starts, no-load speed slowly up to the rated operating conditions. Test run of the inspection items are: whether there is abnormal sound, FAG bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration, and so on. If discovery is unusual, should immediately stop, check machine, when it is necessary to remove the bearing inspection. FAG bearing temperature check. Usually according to the external temperature of the bearing. But using the oil hole directly measuring the temperature of the bearing outer ring more accurate. FAG bearing temperature from operation began to rise gradually, usually 1 ~ 2 hours after the temperature stability. If bad FAG bearing installation, the temperature will rise sharply, abnormal high temperature. The reason such as lubricant, bearing clearance is too small, too much bad installation, excessive friction sealing device, etc. High-speed rotation, FAG bearing structure, selection of lubrication method error is also the reason. FAG bearing sound check. Its rotation with a stethoscope and check, if has the strong metal noise, such as vision, irregular note that exception. The reasons for the noise with poor lubrication, shaft or FAG bearing bad precision, bearing damage, foreign body intrusion, etc. ( 1) Using the method of chemical additive bearing, adding a certain chemical additives in lubricating oil, can reduce the noise of the bearing, such as tianjin, the same factory production of low noise grease additive noise, can reduce 3 from the basis. 9 the original bearing noise, 9. 2 db, suitable for micro and small bearings. ( 2) Absorber vibration isolation device in use or vibration isolation device, in order to reduce the noise, the noise or isolation bearing FAG bearing, obtain good effect, but it usually paid a high price in the economy, sometimes larger institutions, the change of thermal conditions, or easy to rust, use should be thoughtful, and later, just take other measures, to achieve low noise also cannot be used in the future the goal of this method. The simplest example is high speed, rather than thrust bearing and thrust to the heart of the thrust bearing and thrust bearing shell ball bearing outer ring under suction plastic coat anti-rust lubricant, allowing usually cylindrical hole plastic insert, or in the same group, but can't control the rotation and the adjacent mechanical friction or interference. This method has a certain role in the muffler. Another example is in the middle of the seat between the bearing and add a hole, you can spread the vibration attenuation of bearing rotating system, but it needs to be deployed properly, or may have the opposite effect. Another example is the use of sound Acoustic noise will be covered completely closed system, or shut down. This internal noise reducing 0. 6 LMM the inner surface of the thick steel plate, glass fiber or polyurethane foam plastics, the surface of the phi 1 small uniform. 2 - 1. The area of the 5 mm hole, hole about the entire inner surface of 25% to 30%, the surface of the steel plate thickness of 2 mm. Used to eliminate the high frequency noise, and the hole inner surface, to eliminate the low frequency noise, this kind of glass fiber/foam, the outer surface of the thick steel plate was used to isolate the noise. ( 3) Changed the method of the corresponding parts of the host FAG bearing noise velocity is very sensitive to load, but the speed is very sensitive conditions permit, to reduce the speed, and increase the torque of the ways to achieve the same job, but it reduces the noise. Pump system to reduce the noise, the original use of the motor speed was 1430 r/min under 10 l/min pump flow, the speed of 710 r/min and size larger pump and electric motor pump itself the same flow pump bearings, oil pump motor bearing noise is significantly reduced, but the entire group of an expanding footprint, cost is also increased.
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