Bearing lubricating oil and grease to distinguish and characteristics of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Bearing the most industrial machinery equipment and the important parts of automobile parts, many kinds of bearings in use process need to be done by lubricating oil or grease lubrication, it would make the use of the bearing better quality improvement, can also be very good maintenance bearing is used. Here, the bearing network according to understand, to share the knowledge about the bearing lubricating oil and grease. What is the bearing lubricating oil? Bearing grease? Bearing lubricating oil is used in bearing lubricating oil, lubricating, cooling, compressive strength, extend the service life of bearing, and so on. Bearing lubricating oil bearing grease synthesized from low viscosity lubricating oil and add the antioxidant, anti corrosion made from a variety of additives such as lubricating oil. Designed for powder metallurgy oil bearing lifetime lubrication, sound, temperature range of use: temperature range: - 20~+250℃。 Bearing grease bearing lubrication characteristics: 1, excellent low temperature and room temperature driving characteristics, low temperature starting and running torque minimum; 2, good resistance to recommend suite, lubricity and carrying capacity, can improve the wear resistance and transmission efficiency; 3, excellent water resistance and corrosion protection, good compatibility with most of the plastic and elastic colloid; 4, excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance, long service life. Shaft using grease characteristics: 1, has excellent resistance to high temperature, lubrication performance and adhesion performance, superior waterproof rinse sex; 2, excellent extreme pressure, abrasion resistance, oil film can bear the brunt of the 140 kg/mm2 and not be destroyed; 3, good shear resistance, thermal stability, pumping and sealing performance, extend the service life of bearing and equipment; 4, excellent oxidation resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion and rust protection performance, effectively protect the elevator parts from the environment. Bearing lubricating oil: the scope of application of a wide range of use, the high and low temperature, high load, high and low torque, etc, can be used. Such as mobile phone, digital camera on the bearing can also be used; Can also be on powder metallurgy bearings, and the water pump, can be applied to the ball screw and other products. Of course different products used in the above product model is different also, good lubricating oil suppliers should consult relevant information. Very many different kinds of types of lubricating oil, because the application of product is different, so the model species also have difference. Such as the oil bearing lubricating oil, the high temperature lubricating oil, the main bearing lubricating oil and so on. Bearing grease use scope: used for severe high temperature or wide working temperature range of the high speed rolling bearing and long lifetime lubrication of the equipment. Used for high temperature bearing, heavy load bearing long-term lubrication and corrosion protection, vulcanizing machine bearing such as chemical industry, electric power industry induced draft fan bearings, bearing high temperature, the papermaking industry is suitable for continuous, long-term reliable operation of motor bearing is used. Need for water resistance and corrosion resistance of the textile machinery bearings, offshore bearing, high temperature sintering furnace, kiln car bearings, bearing fan bearings, water pump bearings, baking and thermal electronics industry placement machine, Raymond mill bearing, CAM roller press bearing lubrication, rust and corrosion.
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