Bearing inspection equipment for bearings will give enterprise to bring the benefits of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Bearing is one of the mechanical equipment in common indispensable parts, main effect is to reduce the shaft to reduce friction in the rotary motion, ensure each rotation accuracy. Bearing is the key points of the human body, we run the load for a long time will cause certain damage to bearing damage will cause mechanical equipment downtime, downtime is very serious for factory production accident, can have influence to enterprise's economy. Ball rolling bearing so for bearing detection, it is very important. Bearing and shaft test the best way is through the vibration problems whether bearing and shaft, bearing and shaft also how long does it take to be able to run, it is need to maintenance personnel. If it is a dry decades of maintenance personnel, trust enough to depend on their many years of experience to illustrate bearing fault, of course, this also is to bearing damage to a certain extent. Bearing vibration detector, however, is able to capture the nuances of the bearing vibration, through simple data can tell the running status of bearings. Compared to if the bearing vibration detector can take spectrum, then for the bearing running state can be be clear at a glance. Ordinary vibration frequency spectrum and the waveform is the most important is that we want to know, the bearing and shaft also can use the long run, for the maintenance personnel and enterprise management personnel who are very interested in maintenance personnel interested in that is for sure more consciously is the work, whereas enterprise management is more of a bearing and shaft can also bring benefits for the enterprise. Peakvue spectrum and waveform AMS2140 can for maintenance personnel and enterprise management personnel to determine the bearing and shaft can use how long, it's need to fully understand AMS2140 Peakvue patented technology.
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