The inside of the green harmonic reducer bearing harmonic is what meaning? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
To find out the inside of the green harmonic reducer bearing harmonic mean? First of all to understand the structure of the harmonic reducer, and the principle of harmonic drive, so you know the name of the harmonic reducer sources. Star yu river lake for you explain: harmonic reducer reducer can be divided into harmonic reducer and RV reducer. Harmonic reducer is a kind of harmonic drive device, harmonic drive device including harmonic accelerator and harmonic reducer. Harmonic reducer mainly includes: first round, soft and wave generator, the landscapes themselves. Harmonic drive usually consists of three basic components, including an inner gear wheel, a job can produce radial elastic deformation with soft wheel tooth outside and one inside the soft round, oval, with flexible rolling bearing outer ring wave generator. Outside of the soft wheel gear teeth within less than just round. Harmonic drive is to use the elastic deformation of a building can be controlled to achieve the transfer of mechanical motion. Among them, just the number of teeth on the wheel slightly larger than the number of teeth on the wheel. In the wave generator turns, corresponding with the long axis direction of soft wheel teeth gritting is squarely into the first round of internal tooth; In the short axis, the teeth in the full release. When just wheel fixed, wave generator rotation occurs, soft round outside gritting teeth will, in turn, meshes into and out of the first round of the inner gear, soft tooth ring of any point on the radial displacement will show similar to sine wave of change, so the drive called harmonic drive. Harmonic reducer internal structure when wave generator is put into a soft round round, by the length of the wave generator is bigger than without deformation of the soft wheel inside diameter, forcing produce elastic deformation and soft round oval shaped, make its long axis in the soft wheel tooth inserted just wheel tooth groove, become a full meshing state; And its short axis two rounds of tooth no contact, in the off state. By the meshing between the release process is in the recess action or meshes into state. Harmonic reducer wave generator works as the wave generator continuous rolled: forced soft wheel deformation, make the two wheel tooth on meshes into, meshing, tooth out and release in the process of changing their working condition, the so-called wrong tooth movement, so as to realize the active wave generator with the movement of the soft wheel.
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