Roller bearing the name of explanation and its performance characteristics

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Roller bearing to explain the names of the roller bearing from its name can guess it probably grow what appearance, roller bearing outer ring with outer wall full of thick cylindrical roller bearings, roller diameter surface of the cylindrical and arc, can design according to the use of occasions to cooperate with raceway surface, use of the outer ring, rolling roller can be directly on the rolling path, and can withstand heavy loads and shock loads. It has the advantage of internal friction coefficient is small, so to overcome the friction consumption, less thin oil good liquidity, easy into all lubricating points of friction surface, has the good effect, and can stick on the friction surface impurities and the result of the grinding metal particles away. Needle roller bearing is very widely used, generally used in automobile industry, the performance characteristics of needle is very good, such as wear resistance, compressive strength is very strong, this kind of equipment in car production is necessary. Then what are the properties of it? The following will introduce you to some performance characteristics of bearing, to help people know more about it, it is helpful for future. This kind of equipment there are generally two kinds of models, i. e. , RNA and nk type two kinds, the two devices are frequently used at present. But this kind of equipment without inner ring inside, more suitable for some constrained structures. But in the process when you need to pay attention to its size and precision, so as to play its performance and prolong its service life. This kind of bearing is more useful, is also very strong rigidity, so it was very popular. Everyone in the car, can detailed understanding to this one direction, is a lot of advantages, for your own car with the bearing that is very good.
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