Repair method of bearing wear - bearing knowledge for details

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Bearing and the bearing chamber; Generally refers to bearing installation space, its machining precision is generally high. With reducer as an example, the problem of bearing wear once occurred, emergency methods in common use such as: copper, scutching point; But there are also the repair welding machine, brush plating, spraying or set set, etc. But from the research of market user feedback situation analysis, the traditional method of its reliability and convenience, to some extent, is a big problem. Based on this, sauvy industrial recommended a kind of the bearing wear technology at the site, the hope can give you help. Sauvy carbon nano polymer technology, combined with 'the scene sauvy blow grind repair technology' or 'sauvy tooling repair technology can the bearing wear at the site, not only high reliability, fast repair time, and repair cost is low. Can be said to be so far in terms of bearing wear an ideal technology to repair. Sauvy carbon nano polymer materials as a kind of new material has been widely applied in the market and the high praise in recent years, it is a kind of advanced high performance resin and carbon nano materials generated by the polymerization process of a new type of material, the material was born in the United States, served in military and aerospace and other fields. After successful introduction is widely used for repair and maintenance of industrial equipment, advanced manufacturing and performance, etc. Carbon nanotubes polymer materials its advantages compared with the traditional polymer composites is mainly manifested on has higher comprehensive performance, including mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical corrosion resistance and ultraviolet resistance, etc. , in many industrial and mining complex, the equipment was badly damaged, repair of production has played a major role, but also help enterprises to greatly reduce the maintenance cost, improves the reliability of equipment maintenance. Below, to introduce a few cases, reference for appreciation. 1. Extruder reducer bearing wear the case the scene at the site recommended product models: sauvy SD7101H carbon nano polymer materials with special sauvy tuomoji SD7000 2. Cement vertical mill rocker bearing wear the case the scene at the site to recommend a product model: SD7101H sauvy carbon nano polymer materials with special sauvy tuomoji SD7000 summary: through a large number of users in many fields and the application of all kinds of complicated environment, sauvy carbon repair remanufacturing technology of polymer materials, its excellent performance can not only the scene, fast, low cost to repair bearing and all kinds of shaft wear problem, at the same time given by the material properties and adopts the relevant repair process has played a positive role in improving the conventional maintenance mode.
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