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Bearing accuracy

Bearing accuracy


► dimensional accuracy (items related to shaft and housing installation)

1. Allowable deviation of inner diameter, outer diameter, width and assembly width

2. The allowable deviation of the diameter of the inner and outer complex circles of the roller group

3. Allowable limit value of chamfer size

4. Allowable variation of width

► rotation accuracy (items related to run-out of rotating body)

1. Radial run-out and axial run-out are allowed for inner and outer rings

2. Lateral run-out is allowed in the inner ring

3. Allowable variation of inclination of outer diameter surface

4. Allowable variation of raceway thickness of thrust bearing

5. Allowable deviation and allowable variation of taper hole

In addition to the different precision of the bearing in the processing process, but also in the value of the difference. For example, the value of domestic HRB bearings, the accuracy of P6 bearing is 1.5 times that of P0 bearing, the accuracy of P5 bearing is 2 times that of P0, and the accuracy of P4 bearing is 2.5 times that of P5 bearing.

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