Plane thrust bearing installation instructions

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Plane thrust bearing installation instructions you want to know, no matter what machinery, machinery accessories installation need to be careful, avoid by all means don't careless, once the installation of mechanical parts when the parts again, even the machine is broken. Machinery parts is the most important is the bearing, China's imports of machinery many are installed famous bearings, imported bearings of the price is very expensive, if you install the bearing is broken, the loss is bigger, so we have to learn to import bearings after installation, can correct installation imported bearing, so this bearing will not appear what problem, here small make up to introduce the plane thrust bearing installation of knowledge. Plane thrust bearing when installation should pay attention to the items: 1, distinguish tight ring of bearing, and loose ring ( According to the bearing inner diameter size, aperture is 0. 1 - 0. 5毫米) ; 2, the static distinguish institutions. ( The parts movement does not occur, is mainly refers to assembly) ; 3, no matter what happens, bearing rings should always be on stationary on the face of. Plane thrust bearing in the assembly mainly bear axial load, is widely used. Though the plane thrust bearing installation steps is very simple, but the actual is not what we imagined so simple to operate, is called the simple things, the more problems, more hope we introduce can bring you help!
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