Plane thrust bearing conditions of use and environmental requirements

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Right bearing in the use of machinery parts and use condition and environment is the premise of a suitable bearing. , need to get data and information on the following aspects: 1, the function and structure of the mechanical device 2, 3 to use parts of the bearing, bearing load, Size, direction) 4, rotating speed of 5, vibration, impact, bearing temperature (6 The surrounding temperature, temperature) 7, the surrounding atmosphere ( Corrosion, clean, lubricate) The choice of the ways of bearing configuration, usually axis in two bearings in the radial and axial support, at this point, called the bearing on one side of the fixed side bearing, it bear radial and axial load, the fixed axis and the relative axial displacement between the bearing box. Call the other side free side, only bear radial load, axial relative movement can to solve due to temperature change the shaft of the telescopic part of the topic and the installation of bearing interval error. For fixed side bearing, choosing available moving around the axial rolling surface, Such as cylindrical roller bearing) Or moving assembly plane ( If the centripetal ball bearings) The bearings. On the short shaft, the fixed side and free side little other cases, using unidirectional fixed axial mobile bearing ( Such as plane thrust bearing)
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