NTN bearings anticorrosion and heat lubrication method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Improper way also can cause NTN bearing heating. Through lubrication can reduce parts in sports wear, guarantee the accuracy of press, reduce energy consumption. Lubrication points thin oil lubrication, thick oil lubrication, etc. Thin oil lubrication, the advantage is internal friction coefficient is small, so to overcome the friction energy consumption, less thin oil good liquidity, easy into all lubricating points of friction surface, has the good cooling effect, and can stick on the friction surface impurities and the result of the grinding metal particles away. The disadvantage is that the oil film cannot unit under big pressure, high requirement for sealing. High speed press with large flow dilute oil lubrication, more commonly can take away the heat generated by the friction pair. Thick oil lubrication, the advantage is easy to seal, loss less, less affected by the temperature, the load property, the speed of change has larger range. Defect is illiquid, internal friction coefficient is big, so the energy loss is big, long-term work at high temperature, lubrication performance will be lost. In order to improve the properties of the thick oil, often add 15% ~ 30% in grease machine oil. High oil viscosity, large carrying capacity, bearing flow/J, and power consumption is large, so the bearing temperature rise high. High temperature, lubricant viscosity decreased, thus to increase oil viscosity to increase the carrying capacity of the NTN bearing will be limited. Use of wheel bearings, grease is critical. Use metamorphism grease, don't effect not only, also can damage the bearing. 1, take oil flow observation two cups, one of them need to be checked out of the lubricating oil, empty on the desktop, the other will leave the measuring cup with lubricating oil for high 30 - desktop 40 cm and tilt, let oil flow slowly to the empty cup, to observe the flow situation, good quality lubricant oil flow should be long and thin, uniform, continuous, if appear oil flow fast and slow, and sometimes has a large flow, the said lubricating oil has deteriorated. 2, hand twist to lubricating oil twist between thumb and forefinger grinding repeatedly, good lubricating oil hand feel less lubricity, wear debris, no friction, if feel fingers between the larger friction feeling such as sand, suggests that the impurity, lubricating oil should be replaced the new lubricating oil. 3, illumination method in a clear day, use a screwdriver to lubricating oil lifted, and horizontal Angle of 45 degrees. Contrast sunshine, observe the oil situation, under the light, can see clearly without wear debris in lubricating oil is good, can continue to use, if excessive wear debris, lubricating oil should be changed. 4, oil droplets in a clean white filter paper, number of oil drops on the filter paper, after waiting for lubricating oil leakage, if the surface is black powder, touch resistance acerbity feeling, then lubricant inside has many impurities, good oil powder, with the hand feels dry, smooth, and yellow.
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