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Linear motion bearings fault reasons and preventive measures

by:Waxing     2020-11-14
Linear motion bearing's life and production, assembly and use are closely related. Must be carried out at each stage and to maintain the best operation of non-standard bearing, so as to prolong the service life of bearing. After the installation of linear motion bearings, check operation to check installation is correct. To rotate small machines to make sure whether smooth. Due to foreign bodies, scratch and indentation, check the project operation. Due to poor installation, the installation torque generated by the unstable, and because the gap is too small, the installation error and seal friction and cause excessive torque. Wait. If there is no exception, then you can start running power supply. Power operation starting from no-load speed, and rated running slowly increased to specify conditions. During commissioning projects to check is whether there is abnormal sound, non-standard bearing temperature, lubricant leakage or discoloration, etc. If discovery is unusual, please stop the operation immediately, check machine, then remove them, if necessary, linear motion bearings. 1. Shaft and the bearing chamber, the selection of tolerance and control: after bearing pressure into the bearing should be flexible. If the apparent rotation is not flexible, means the size of the shaft is too big and the tolerance down. If the non-standard bearing pressure into the axis and then rotating with the hand, will produce obvious 'sand' feeling. Shaft tolerance is too big or shaft roundness is not good. Therefore, in the control shaft and the bearing chamber of the need to control roundness tolerance. At present, the domestic many manufacturers control tolerance and not only control the roundness. 2, bearing assembly: because of the bearing is high precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to damage the non-standard bearing groove, lead to damage of linear motion bearings. Bearing in the assembly process should have a special mould. It cannot defeat at will. Press the axis, can only carry a small force. Press the big circle, can only carry a lot of force. In the process of assembly need to use pneumatic or hydraulic. When pressed, touch should be up and down outside the state level. If tilt, bearing channel will be damaged by force, it will make the bearing produces sound. 3. To prevent foreign body assembly: when a non-standard bearing installation progresses in rotor dynamic balance, it is easy to input the bearing will be generated when the dynamic balance of iron filings. Therefore, it is better to balance load before load bearing. Some manufacturers have some oil or grease lubrication during assembly bearing chamber. The amount of operator, however, are usually difficult to control. If oil or grease accumulation in bearing chamber, the bearing rotating very much. Along the axis into linear motion bearings inside easily. It is best not to apply oil or grease on the bearing chamber. If there is no paint, you must control it do not accumulate in the bearing chamber. 4, to prevent rust paint: paint derusting contains multiple sealing ring is characteristic of motor, the motor sound is very good when it is assembled, but after a period of time in the warehouse, the motor noise is very large, demolition of non-standard bearing serious rust. In the past, many makers believe that it is the bearing problem. After continuous publicity, motor factory have now realized it mainly is a question of insulating varnish. The problem under certain temperature and humidity are the main acid formed from insulation coating volatile corrosive substances, this leads to a linear motion bearings in the bearing channel after corrosion damage. This problem only by choosing a good insulating varnish and in dry after a period of time to vent to achieve it.
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