Large bearing wearing fix what you don't know the secret of knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Large bearing a worn? Surfacing welding? Returned to the factory? The thermal spraying? Ah! Tear open outfit is a headache problem, repair time is long, need a lot of manpower and support, or perhaps a protracted war! How can it do? A moment when you know the secrets of the large bearing a wear repair after, you can bold to these traditional repair process to say NO! Picture is truth, we speak with facts! People tell me about the truth together! In May 2018, the western construction of cement concrete subordinate enterprises bearing roller pressure motorized roller support side retaining bolt fracture overhaul found bearing appear wear ( Run in circle) 。 To quickly restore production, the equipment must be online repair, sauvy industrial technology team for the first time, detailed understanding of the wear data and formulate repair plan, on-site repair work done within 24 hours! Sauvy engineer chengdu lijun CLF170 - field measurement data 120 roller press, roller pressure motorized roller support side bearing wear, journal of 750 mm, wear - 1 2 mm, 1:30 taper, bearing 232/750 cak30c3w33 roller press bearing a repair effect sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials after repair technology is the use of carbon nanotubes unique mechanical properties of polymer materials and corresponding repair process online repair of large axle wear. Assembly bearing repair process is simple: for roller press shaft wear and use the sauvy roller press shaft repair industrial arts 'to control the concentricity, then put the carbon nano polymer materials applied directly to a specific part of the cooperation, relying on the bearing inner ring and shaft parts cooperate relationship, to repair the matching surface, to 100% of the fitting surface, satisfies the requirement of fastening equipment, to avoid the existence of space meet the operation requirements. Its advantage is good cohesive force, good pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and have metal comprehensive mechanics performance of elastic deformation and so on to realize online repair, repair with high efficiency. Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer material similar to a cold welding technology, on-line repairing process does not produce high temperature, good to protect equipment from damage of ontology, and not be restricted by wear is in the process of repair.
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