Do you know the plane thrust bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Is a kind of rolling bearings, plane thrust bearing can only accept the axial load, cannot accept radial load. Because the plane thrust bearing to bearing separation, namely the bearing outer ring and bearing other local is separation, so one-way bearings can only accept the two sides to axial load, two-way thrust bearing can accept load. Plane thrust bearing is widely used in all kinds of gear reducer, office and medical equipment, sports equipment, elevator accessories etc. The following details to see the relevant knowledge. Plane thrust bearing by the outer ring of separation, ball bearings, inner ring and adhere to the rack, ordinary for full coordination between inner ring and shaft, in order to avoid loose. For transition fit between outer ring and a hole, in order to remove; Ball is fixed in adhere to the frame. Plane thrust bearing used for rotating shaft, if you don't stop the correct device, is in the process of the rotation of the shaft, bearing failure more easily, and will accelerate bearing box of journal of wear and tear. , the device should be bearing inner ring gear on the shaft, the inner ring and shaft for rotating parts, should be tight fit. After rolling body and go to the device, then the bearing outer ring gear in the bearing hole, for the loose fit between bearing outer ring with a hole. Device outer ring should pay attention to when the axial pre-tightening, bearing outer ring axial positioning of ordinary is accomplished by between shaft and bearing end cover, the axial positioning weak bearing outer ring, will incur the static contact with rotating part, the damage of bearing.
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