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Rolling bearing raw material steel selection

Rolling bearing raw material steel selection


First, anti-rust performance

In order to make rolling bearings not easy to rust during processing, storage and transportation, the selected steel must have anti-rust properties.

Second, contact fatigue intensity

Because the rolling bearing needs to operate periodically, the surface of the maintenance bearing is often prone to fatigue damage, which is usually the phenomenon of cracking and spalling. Therefore, in order to increase the service life of the rolling bearing, the selected steel must have good contact fatigue strength.

Third, wear resistance

As we all know, when the miniature bearing is performing its tasks, in addition to rolling friction, sliding friction will be generated between the ring, the rolling element and the cage, so that the parts of the rolling bearing will be worn all the time. Therefore, it is necessary to choose steel with good wear resistance to improve the wear resistance of miniature bearings and extend the service life of rolling bearings.

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