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Bearing grease filling quantity more and less important role! - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
Bearing is in an important fittings, machinery and equipment in order to make the bearing can be normal operation, reduce the bearing wear, extend bearing life, have to inject grease is known to all, so bearing grease filling quantity more and less important role. But an unlimited use of grease lubrication bearings for whether it is right? When should change the fat and how much should change fat? These are bearing maintenance technology of complex problems. Grease on bearing have very good effect, its adhesion, abrasion resistance, temperature tolerance, rust and lubricity are good, can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, can dissolve carbon deposition, prevent poly metal abrasive dust and oil pollution, the improved mechanical wear, pressure and corrosion resistance. But the more grease filling amount, the greater the friction torque. The same filling amount, the sealed bearing friction torque is greater than the open bearing. The grease filling amounts to 60% of bearing internal space volume, friction torque no longer increases obviously. This is due to open in the bearing grease has been most extrusion, but also has lost in the sealed bearing grease. With the increment of grease filling, bearing temperature rise straight line, the same filling amount, sealed bearing temperature rise is higher than the open bearings. It is generally believed that sealed rolling bearing grease filling amount, shall not be more than about 50% of the internal space. By definition, bearing lubrication to add or not is a planning, equipment suppliers during the equipment before delivery has good relevant lubrication plan, through various debugging test arrangement that many times. Staff, however, the actual make fuck, short-term replacement lubricating oil is a very common thing, but often add more grease.
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