Bearing and gear repair methods you know what? - what are the bearings of knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
A 1, sliding bearing, bearing repair repair commonly used have integral sliding bearings and split two kinds. Integral sliding bearing repair, replace the bushing is commonly used in and through the boring, reaming, or fitter scraping method to repair, can also use plastic deformation which reduced bushing length to reduce the inner diameter of the repair methods. Split of the sliding bearing repair of thin wall bushing repair and repair two thick wall bushing. Thin wall bushing is presented, which is often used in high speed, motion parts, such as the engine crankshaft main journal bearings and big end bearing, etc. When the thin wall bushing wear lighter, can be used to remove the bearing the shim between the two convolution surface and then according to the journal with the method of repair. Replacement of thin-wall bush commonly used selection method. 025 - 5 mm, in order to assure cylindrical bushing and bearing hole wall stick close. Thick wall bushing is commonly used in medium and small construction machinery, can be reduced by two brass gasket between the sectional plane or file on the surface of the convolution method to reduce the aperture, and then press journal scraping, to match the requirements. Hao machinery is the rotary plunger, titanium screw screw, machine tool spindle, the shaft processing, CNC lathe processing, the handle bar, chuck jaw for the company's flagship product, professional quality guarantee! Because professional, so excellent! 2, after repair of rolling bearings of rolling bearing wear and damage, rarely to repair, new bearing generally should change in the original model. But in some cases can also repair: tapered roller bearing can be increased by adjusting the gland nut or ( Reduce) Gasket to reduce bearing clearance; When the bearing inner ring and shaft neck to cooperate or bearing outer ring and bearing hole with loose, plating methods are available to repair of bearing outer ring or bearing hole, but electricity lost interchangeability. The service life of rolling bearing and installed correctly or not, using reasonable or not, and maintenance has a close relationship. Second, the repair of the wheel gear repair methods have the reversing, insert, replace gear ring, plastic deformation and welding repair method, etc. A lot of gear is often a one-way transmission, thus caused the lopsided wear. When the structure completely symmetrical, flip 180 directly. After the installation can be used. If the asymmetry, can will first gear annealing, to cut off part of the asymmetry, welded to the other side of the gear, and heat treatment was carried out on the gear again. For gear load is not big and the speed is not high, when individual tooth was badly damaged, can put the bad tooth root ministry on a milling machine or planer processing out of the trapezoidal channel, and the gear blank to a certain degree of pressure into the groove and then welding or with pin fastening, with forming cutter finally finishing the right tooth on the milling machine. Replace gear ring method to gear, annealing, car to all tooth, and make up a gear ring being connected, and then use welding or pin fastening, the final heat treatment. Plastic deformation method, the gear heated to 800 - After 900 ℃ in the teeth of the pressure, make its produce plastic deformation, the other parts of the metal extrusion to tooth wear surface, the plastic after heat treatment. Light split parts with fine sand grinding of gear to the imperfect fatigue layer and after welding repair. Welding stoppage time should put the gear into the water, first carries on the annealing heat treatment, for steel carburized gear, 20 or 45 steel wire welding weld repairs are available, and can also use low hydrogen type electrode welding repair, welding repair by machining or manual sample finishing tooth, after the final heat treatment again and abrasive finishing or use the abrasive for research. Crack of gear rim, spokes, wheels available welding, riveting, adhesive repair methods.
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