The introduction of entities ring bearing characteristics

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Introduce entity ring bearing characteristics of the article may ring bearings for entities, not all people have to understand, but it doesn't matter, in today's article, small make up to take you to understand the knowledge ring bearing the characteristics of the entity. Entity ring bearing characteristics: 1, entity ring bearing is a kind of cross section height high bearing capacity of bearing. Due to the outer ring high hardness, even light alloy bearing seat, also can be used freely. 2, the bearing can provide metric and imperial two series of products, each series has a cage, full needle type and seal type three kind of structures. Can be divided into 3, entity ring bearing inner ring or two, without inner ring without inner ring mandrel as the raceway surface, make the volume smaller. 4, entity ring bearing guard on the outer ring, may be a fixed guard, may also be a spring lock ring. If the raceway spindle is made after quenching and grinding, then you can remove the inner ring can be canceled. Because the space is limited, the knowledge about entity ring bearing the characteristics of small make up to introduce here, hope that through our introduction can bring you help!
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