The importance of the proper use of lubricant for SKF bearing operation - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
Of course, if the imported bearing working speed is very low, and need to work in pollution and humid environment, it is best to fill in SKF bearing grease. Provided by the standard of more than twenty thousand kinds of products are all kinds of bearing. Group in addition to the rolling bearing, also makes linear bearing, sliding bearing, bearing box, ball and roller screw, textile machinery parts, maintain, machine tools and various kinds of precision machinery parts. Extensively in the field of experience, and has the development, manufacture and application of advanced engineering products indispensable knowledge and expertise. For those such as only 0. 003 grams of miniature bearing to each piece of 34 tons of giant bearing. In addition, also provide a series of bearing maintenance tools, grease and bearing monitoring instrument ( Bearing heater, drawing machine, etc. ) To make bearing users get higher efficiency, easy operation. Bearings are precision components, SKF bearing and oil pollution, will not be able to run. Bearing in addition, all sealed maintenance-free with oils have, at least 14% of the pollution is all only in a small area of the premature failure of the bearing using bearing significant result. Bearing has excellent manufacturing and design capabilities, can provide all kinds of bad working conditions, sealing solutions. Grease with the oxygen in air to produce acid chemical anti, first it is an antioxidant additive, the consumption of fat, but to a certain degree, the generation of organic acid corrosion of metal components and destroying the structure of fat, make its drop point drop, such as base oil viscosity increase and liquidity. A large number of tests show that the higher the temperature, the more obvious drop in the life of the grease. Such as temperature at 90 ~ 100 degrees, the temperature rise every 19 degrees, the service life of grease by about half, in 10 ~ 150 degrees, the temperature rise every 15 degrees, the service life of grease will be fallen by half. In addition, the grease of moisture, dust and harmful gases, such as using environment and make its degradation is one of the important factors. For example: fat in copper, iron, lead, and bronze wear particles, such as on the lipid oxidation catalytic role. In short, the failure of the grease for many reasons, and sometimes can be caused by a reason, but more is the result of multiple factors the same role, or in a reason as the breakthrough point, and then other reasons work together. Grease in use at the same time they have been subjected to mechanical shear and under the action of centrifugal force will be left out of the grease and the oil, the friction interface in grease oil content reduce, the decrease of the cone into the degree of hardening, to a certain degree of grease will complete failure; Under the effect of shear machine, the structure of grease love to damage ( Such as soap fiber release or orientation) , cause its softening, consistency and analysis such as oil, eventually lead to failure. Usually, use grease transfer speed 2000 r/min, half will reduce its life. Under high shear stress, the double speed, service life is only equivalent to 1/10 of the original life. Free base refers to the soap grease is not too much with the effects of the fatty acids in the process of producing alkali; Free organic acid is in the process of manufacturing is not saponification of fatty acids, or hydroxyl fatty itself contains acid ( Naphthenic acid) Fat, or oil oxidation and saponification of middlings was breakdown products. Although you can install 'free' for all kinds of SKF bearing seal, but 36% of bearing early failure is still is not correct grease technology and improper use. Any improper lubrication of bearings in normal life inevitably fail to move forward. Machinery and equipment bearing is usually the most difficult part of the work, have no fixed lubrication will be a problem. Artificial maintenance, is impossible to achieve, the automatic lubrication system, can develop in order to achieve the best lubricating effect. Need grease, tools and effective lubrication technology, will help to significantly reduce downtime.
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