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The difference between the vibration of bearings and plain bearing - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-07
1 appearance features special bearings vibration: A. Roller diameter increase, increasing the length of the scroll. B。 Cage by the outer rim guide roller, reduce the forces for roller. C。 The inner ring guard guide roller, roller to improve operation. D。 Cylindrical roller bearing cage adopts integral structure, strength greatly increased. E. Self-aligning bearing outside diameter design with sump oil holes, lubrication effect is good. Normal bearing: A. Roller diameter and length of the scroll are small. B。 Cage guide roller or inner circle. C。 Cylindrical roller bearing cage structure of rivets, easy to loose and fall guy. D。 Self-aligning bearing outside diameter without sump oil hole, lubrication effect is poor. 2. Choose materials special bearings vibration: A. Inside and outside the ring and roller adopts vacuum degassed bearing steel, fatigue resistance performance is good. B。 Cage aluminum iron manganese bronze material, high strength, good elasticity, wear-resisting performance is better. Normal bearing: A. Inside and outside the circle and using the ordinary bearing steel roller. B。 Keep using zinc brass material, low strength, poor elasticity. 3. Heat treatment special bearings vibration: A. Inside and outside the bay - Horse mixed hardening or martensite high temperature quenching + tempering, uniform hardness, small internal stress; Good toughness and resistance to impact and vibration. B。 Work within 150 c temperature, good stability. Normal bearing: inside and outside the circle using ordinary quenching, toughness, resistance to shock and vibration performance is poor, thermal stability is not good. 4. Tolerance and special bearing manufacturing process vibration: A. Strictly according to standard grade P6 accuracy, especially within the diameter tolerance degree is small. B。 Rolling body size difference of 0 or less to each other. 002C. Cylindrical roller diameter has a crown, avoid stress concentration. D。 Rolling surface ultra precision processing, high degree of finish. Normal bearing: A. General PO level accuracy tolerance ( Part of the P6 grade standards) Manufacturing. B。 Rolling element group 0 or less. 005. C。 Cylindrical roller crown practice. D。 Part of the race for polishing processing, only finish low. 5. Vibration special bearing internal clearance, clearance according to the requirements of vibration machinery production, the scope of control in a small range, good consistency. : ordinary bearing clearance generally according to the standard or C3 group production, clearance or small, or large range, large discreteness. 6. Use effect special bearing vibration, low noise, small temperature, good stability, long service life, no early fatigue phenomenon. Normal bearing: the noise is big, high temperature, bad stability, short service life, early fatigue phenomenon.
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