Rolling mill bearing lubrication method - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
1, the importance of lubrication bearing lubrication is to use the rolling surface of relative movement between oil film will be separated from each other, not excessive wear and failure as a result of rough contacts. If users can attach great importance to the bearing lubrication technology, can guarantee during the working life of the designated, still can maintain the stable performance and rotation accuracy. 2, the kinds and properties of rolling mill bearing grease lubrication grease lubrication and oil lubrication, grease lubrication facilities of the method is simple, the grease is not easy to leak, have certain waterproof, gas and other impurities into the bearing ability, therefore usually grease lubrication is widely used. Such as overloading, high speed, high temperature working condition of oil lubrication. Grease is composed of base oil, thickener and add agent. Base oil viscosity play an important role on the lubrication performance of the grease, the thickener composition on the performance of the fat, especially the temperature characteristic, water resistance, oil analysis, etc have important influence on, add agent is mainly used to enhance the resistance of gasification of the grease, rust, extreme pressure performance, etc. The type of grease as thickener and classify, divided into lithium base, etc. Rolling mill bearings are commonly used lithium base grease, the characteristics of embellish of lithium base grease has good water resistance, high drop point, can be used in damp and mechanical parts of the contact with water. Grease according to the liquidity of the penetration is divided into several levels. Penetration value, the greater the said grease the more soft. Domestic production of roll bearing grease, is made up of senior fatty acid and synergistic agent composite as a multivariate compound lithium base grease, can also be applied to rolling mill bearing lubrication. 3, the filling quantity of the grease grease filling amount, to fill a third of the bearing and bearing housing space and half advisable, if too much fat, due to the heat, stir makes fat deteriorate or chin. High speed should be padding to only one-third or less. When the speed is very low, in order to prevent external foreign body of science into the bearings, can full housing space. 4, the replacement of the service life of the grease of the grease is limited, the lubrication performance in the process of using gradually reduced, wear also gradually increased, therefore, a certain amount of time intervals must be added to replace. The complement of the grease cycle and bearing structure, rotational speed, temperature, and environment and so on, should be aimed at specific conditions determine enterprise. Grease should be paid attention to when replacement, different grades of grease can not mix, containing different kinds of thickener mixed fat, can destroy the structure of the lubrication and consistency, if must be replaced by different grades, the grease inside the bearing should be the original completely remove grease, added into the new grease.
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