Needle roller bearing is the heart of the mechanical operation necessary parts

by:Waxing     2020-05-23
Needle roller bearing is a mechanical manufacturing industry an important and indispensable parts in our country, its quality and its and their assembly is reasonable directly determines the performance and quality of the whole machine. It is necessary to the heart of the whole machine operation. Needle roller bearing before running axis and the process of the shaft will produce a great friction, it is mainly composed of inner ring and outer ring, rolling body and keep the frame of four parts. Supporting role; Rolling body is by means of maintains a uniform will be distributed between inner ring and outer ring, roller of outer ring is used to match the bearing seat. Its shape size and quantity directly affects the use performance and life of rolling bearing. Insist on uniform distribution can make the rolling body, prevent fall off, roller guide roller rotation lubrication. Despite China's bearing industry development scale is very large, but because of the limitations of technology, production of bearing most of them are in the medium and low-end. Compared with the developed countries still a huge gap. So, this bureau view, improve the precision of the bearing industry is particularly important. Only to improve production technology, needle roller bearing industry to assemble quality performance of large mechanical equipment.
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