Look at how to install split spherical roller bearing is better? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Split roller bearing is mainly used for difficult to close to the several points and the position of supporting shaft. Typical applications include conveying equipment, material handling equipment, ventilation equipment, steel rolling, ship and paper, etc. Install split spherical roller bearings, also is the important part of Chinese bearing network according to the understanding of this kind of bearing, to share the knowledge about bearing installation. Look at how to install split spherical roller bearing is better? First, understand the replacement with form a complete set of bearing and the split bearing the installation items and design features: 1) , replace with proper supporting bearing is usually split spherical roller bearing replacement with optimum matching of the split spherical roller bearings. Change is premise of the shaft diameter, outer ring width and diameter of the same. 2) Installed in split housings are split spherical roller bearings can be installed in the split housings, don't need to make another bearing mechanical processing. If within the same size, this also applies to other bearing manufacturers. 1, due to the split spherical roller bearings ( At the top) Optimum matching of the installation space and fractional self-aligning play child bearing ( At the bottom) At the same installation space. So change bearing is very easy. 2 -, simple, fast and simple installation Split spherical roller bearing is installed in the SNV housings. 3, the tight ring of the bearing with integrated town of interior design with proven E1 design is the same. 4, is made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide or Huang Gang split entity split spherical roller bearing cage, with integrated locking ring. 5, for special occasions with separation, the locking ring split town of split spherical roller bearings. 3) Bearing design characteristics: 1, split spherical roller bearings with a cylindrical hole. Inner ring and outer ring and roll cage was split into two and a half. Subdivision of the bearing ring by screw together. 2, most of the split spherical roller bearings from the internal design of proven self-aligning roller bearing E1. The only difference is that some of the larger bearings with a rigid center on the inner ring of the rib. 3, these bearings are made of glass fiber reinforced polyamide or brass split entity cage, The high temperature suitability) 。 4, split spherical roller bearings have a dissection of the radial bearing normal tolerance and cylindrical hole ( DIN 620) The split spherical roller bearings of normal internal clearance. 5, in the majority of split spherical roller bearings, the circle of integration, locking ring. Split spherical roller bearing installation steps: below split spherical roller bearings were summarized and the installation of the operating steps, combined with the split of bearing installation matters, and the characteristics of the design, we can better for installation. Steps are as follows: 1, support the weight of the rotor; 2, remove the bearing seat cover; 3, remove the old bearing ( Should use cutting machine cutting with optimal matching of the split bearing) ; 4, will be half of the outer ring in the bottom of the bearing, the shaft are installed on the inner ring, then the two inner ring with a screw tight together; 5, to install the rest parts, mount the upper outer ring; 6, to make bearing load, the shaft cut; 7, installation on the part of the bearing.
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