Hydro-generator bearing a knowledge of the new technology of shaft maintenance - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-06-02
Hydraulic generator of electricity and water is directly related to the size and the water level drop, the higher the faster the water velocity generator speed, the higher the speed of the higher concentricity requirement. So for the motor shaft after repair to ensure concentricity is a key element, the motor shaft repair usually need the lathe turning processing after repair, to ensure that the straightness, but in not add processing, under the present situation of online repair their control is particularly important to ensure the concentric technology. Past for motor rotor or using the tool rotation is generator, to achieve the original work and size tolerance, or after repair concentricity and size tolerance within the allowable tolerance range means necessary. For generator bearing maintenance, must achieve the dimension of the concentricity, repair after repair tolerance and repair after component matching accuracy requirement, can satisfy the requirement of the motor running. Sauvy carbon nano polymer material has the characteristics of metal and strength after curing, can meet the requirements of vehicles, milling, planing, grinding. When unable to achieve machining, the use of the tooling size and the plasticity of the material before curing molding again a new location, with full equipment parts assembly condition and use requirements. Sauvy carbon won't produce welding thermal stress of polymer materials, will not change the metal material performance. And sauvy tooling repair technology is in the case of unable to realize machining convenient, quick and effective restoration measures. Sauvy, industrial online repair process is different from the machining process, is under the condition of equipment not rotating restore trunnion sizes, initial processing is to use the motor shaft size as a benchmark to repair, the repair shape tolerance and size tolerance can be controlled within the range. Sauvy the tooling according to the shaft on the dimensional precision positioning size tolerance finish machining, the machining accuracy is higher, the more precise the trunnion sizes recovery. ( 1) Sauvy hydro-generator bearing industrial carbon nano polymer materials to repair a worn steps using the environment according to the hydraulic generator and motor speed analysis, using high motor bearing or adjacent size tolerance, the processing sauvy tooling is the best way to realize online repair to ensure that the concentric, site operation steps are as follows: 1. Use outside micrometer level measuring shaft neck size rear axle shoulder positioning size tolerance, processing the sauvy tooling; 2. Tooling, use dial indicator measuring inner diameter size after treatment; 3. Test fixtures, preloaded bolt tooling no clearance, combination, rear axle shoulder hold, not loose; 4. Remove the tooling, check whether there is any damage on tooling wall brush besmear after SD7000 demoulding agent twice; 5. Bearing a roast with oxygen acetylene flame oil until the oil carbonization, control the temperature to avoid high temperature affect the motor shaft; 6. According to the bearing dimension and wear allowance calculation SD7104 materials dosage; 7. Harmonic SD7104 materials evenly, then coated on the surface bearing a repair and coating materials; 8. Install tooling and tighten bolts, preloaded bolt; 9. Will repair parts heating with heat conduction way, promote the material curing. 10. Remove the tooling, remove excess material, measurement after repair trunnion sizes; 11. Hot charging bearing and bearing locating ring; ( 2) Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials technology repair hydro-generator bearing wear case pictures
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