How to maintain the IKO bearings cleaning - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-26
1, in the process of using IKO bearings, regular cleaning is very first. How accurate cleaning IKO bearing? Bearing will be removed when checking first, with the way such as photography first appearance record. In addition, to confirm the amount of residual lubricant and lubricant sampling, and then clean the bearing. 2, bearing cleaning rough washing and fine washing suspension, can be put in use at the bottom of the container and on the metal frame. 3, rough washing, in oil partly brush eliminate grease or adhesive. If at this time in oil migration change bearing, note due to foreign bodies such as blending mutilate rolling surface. 4, fine cleaning, slowly in the oil migration change bearing, must be hard to stop. 5, daily use of cleaning agent for neutral aqueous diesel or oil, according to the demand is also sometimes use warm lye, etc. No matter use which kinds of detergent, often should clean filter confrontation. 6, after cleaning, immediately on the IKO bearing coating anticorrosive oil or antirust grease. Bearing. The following of defects, it can no longer continue to use the new bearing should be replaced immediately. Specific as follows: ( 1) Bearing inner ring and outer ring, rolling element and cage have crack or gap on any one; ( 2) Bearing ring, rolling body on any fracture; ( 3) Bearing raceway surface, guard, with significant roller card injury; ( 4) Bearing cage wear significantly, or rivet significant relaxation; ( 5) On the raceway surface, rolling element bearing with rust and injury; ( 6) On the raceway surface, rolling element bearing has serious indentation and mark; ( 7) Bearing inner ring diameter or outer diameter surface has obvious creep; ( 8) Due to the hot color is obvious.
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