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How to determine the bearing can use - bearing knowledge again

by:Waxing     2020-06-05
'The preventive maintenance of equipment, inspection and peripheral parts replacement operation, judge removed by bearing can use again, be sure to carefully investigate and record the bearing appearance. In order to explore the residual amount of investigation and lubricant, after sampling, to wash bearing is better. 'Check the raceway surface on the surface of the rolling surface and cooperate, and wear conditions of cage without damage and anomalies.     Moreover considering bearing damage, machine performance and the degree of importance, operating conditions, such as inspection cycle, and to determine the bearing can be used again or change. If found damage and bearing abnormal situation, find out the reason, formulate countermeasures. There are some defects, if the bearing can't use, need to replace new bearing. 1) Inner and outer ring, rolling body, to keep any of them are cracks and debris. 2) Inner and outer ring, rolling body any one strip. 3) Raceway surface, guard, significant injury of roller. 4) Maintains a badly worn or loose rivet badly. 5) Raceway surface, rust and roller has a scar. 6) Had a remarkable indentation rolling surface, rolling body and make a mark. 7) Inner ring diameter or outer diameter on the creep. 8) Discoloration of overheating. 9) Sealed bearing grease sealing and dust cover breakage to serious. The rumbling of check project have bearing in operation, vibration, temperature, lubrication condition and so on, details are as follows: a, the rolling bearing noise & emsp;   The sound device is adopted to the size of the rolling sound of bearing in operation and the quality inspection, bearing even with slight stripping damage, also an exception and irregular, and with the sound of the measuring device can distinguish. Second, the vibration of the bearing & emsp;   Bearing vibration is sensitive to bearing damage, such as peeling, indentation, rust, crack and wear will be reflected in the bearing vibration measurement, therefore, through the use of special bearing vibration tester ( Frequency analyzer, etc. ) Can measure the size of the vibration, through frequency infer the abnormal situation. Measured values of bearing or sensor installation position and different using conditions, thus requiring prior to each machine is analyzed by the measured value of the determined after judgment standard. Third, the temperature of the bearing & emsp;   Usually the temperature of the bearing with operation began to slowly rise, 1 - After 2 hours to reach steady state. The normal temperature of bearing for machine and different heat capacity, heat dissipating capacity, rotational speed and load. If the appropriate lubrication, installation department, the bearing temperature will rise sharply, appear unusually high temperature, must stop at this moment, take the necessary precautions. Using thermal device can monitor the bearing temperature at any time, and realize e. automatic alarm when the temperature exceeds or stop, prevent burning shaft accidents.
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