High speed shaft bearing wear problem how to solve? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
An enterprise in the process of inspection found four inverted plate drawing machine room high-speed shaft bearing wear problems, including 6 # inverted plate has been determined to repair downtime, enterprise after understanding to our on-site repair technology called sauvy industrial technical problems in communication, sauvy technical personnel according to the parts of the bearing chamber wear problem gave a scientific analysis and fix in a reliable way, after 12 hours of on-site processing, will be resumed the wear of the bearing chamber size after high speed shaft assembly, after boot device runs smoothly without vibration. Reducer high speed shaft wearing cause analysis chamber room reducer high speed shaft bearing wear caused by a variety of reasons: 1, daily maintenance does not reach the designated position, leading to the casing of the lubricating oil system of impurities deposition is more, once the equipment in the process of running these impurities into horizontal installation of the high-speed shaft bearing raceway bearing accident jammed; 2, equipment operating characteristics, frequent start or point moving astern, is one of the causes of the high speed shaft vibration seriously; 3, reducer casing material problem, because of the speed reducer box body is composed of integral casting processing, local material without heat treatment and surface treatment etc, in the process of the equipment in the long run due to the fit precision problem between the components, the gear meshing vibration problem, start, stop the impact of vibration causes such as the wear of the bearing chamber. Once appear wear gap will accelerate the wear of the bearing chamber wear in a short time. Reducer high speed shaft bearing chamber wear the step (1) at the site & emsp; Surface baked oil: using acetylene flame surface baked oil for the wear of the bearing chamber; ②  Surface treatment: use polishing machine to polish the wear parts; ③  To clean: wash after polishing with anhydrous ethanol in the bearing chamber; ④  Harmonic sauvy industrial SD7101H carbon nanotubes using sauvy industrial site repair process after polymer materials to repair; ⑤  With the bearing outer ring to the size of repair parts for grinding; ⑥  With the high speed shaft axis field assembly. Sauvy carbon nano polymer repair handstand reducer bearing chamber field case equipment problem: data is as follows: 6 # inverted plate drawing machine room at the top of the reducer high speed shaft bearing wear, bearing chamber forms: open in the symmetrical; The device speed: 1450 r/min; Speed: 800 m/min. The bearing chamber diameter: 300 mm; Wear depth: 0. 8 to 1. 2毫米; Bearing number: 2 plate; Wear width: 200 mm; Bearing model: 30328. Found at the scene inside the bearing clearance adjustment ring wear is true, irregular wear condition, arrangement of enterprises according to the drawing size to processing new gap adjusting ring assembly.
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