FAG bearings of 5 kinds of knowledge - bearing lubrication methods

by:Waxing     2020-05-25
Under the condition of high speed, high temperature, FAG bearing grease lubrication has not timely lubrication can be used. Through the circulation of lubricating oil, can take away a lot of calories. Is an important characteristic of lubricating oil viscosity, viscosity directly affect the liquidity of lubricating oil and the size of the friction surface is formed between the oil film thickness, the bearing working temperature of lubricating oil viscosity is usually 12 - 15cst。 Speed the Gao Yingxuan lower viscosity, the more load weight should choose high viscosity. Commonly used lubricating oil has high-speed machine oil, machine oil, turbine oil, compressor oil, transformer oil, cylinder oil, etc. Oil lubrication methods include: 1. Oil drip lubrication oil drip lubrication is suitable for need to ration oil FAG bearing parts, drip oil every 3 - general A drop of it is advisable to 8 seconds, too much oil will cause the bearing temperature increased. 2 circulating oil lubrication oil pump in the conversion of the filter oil transfer to the bearing parts, by FAG bearing lubricating oil filter cooling after use. Due to the circulating oil can take a certain quantity of heat, cooling the bearing, therefore method is suitable for high speed bearing parts. 3. Oil bath lubrication oil bath lubrication is the most common lubrication method, suitable for low, medium speed, FAG bearing lubrication, the bearing part is immersed in a tank, the bearing parts of lubricating oil by rotating, and then flow back to the oil level of oil tank should be slightly lower than the lowest at the center of the roller. 4. Spray lubrication with oil pump nozzle shot into the bearing, the oil in the high pressure into the FAG bearing the bearing at the other end into the oil in the tank. When bearing at high speed, rolling element and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air in general it is difficult to be sent to the bearing lubricating oil lubrication method, then must use the method of high-pressure jet spray the lubricating oil to the bearings, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center. 5. Spray lubrication with dry compressed air after the sprayer and lubricating oil mixed form oil mist, spray bearing, can effectively make the bearing cooling airflow and can prevent the intrusion. This method is suitable for high speed, high temperature FAG bearing parts of lubrication.
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