Dryer guide roller bearing wear online repair - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-01
Some papermaking enterprise 2800 paper machine main production culture paper, the dryer 38 # guide roller bearing a appear wear away, paper roller axial offshoring to run, just bring paper yarn card in between paper dryer wheel and axle, causes pickup system failure. According to the traditional repair technology, 38 dryer # need to logoff maintenance, due to remove difficulties and maintenance cycle, the paper companies seek to adopt sauvy industrial online repair process. Sauvy engineer according to the enterprise to provide the equipment parameters and the wear data and image information, to give scientific analysis and made a concrete repair plan. 2800 paper machine, dryer paper shaft, 300 mm diameter of axle, uneven wear 2. 5 - 3 mm, bearing 61860 ( Double disk) , axial fixation for shaft end pressure ring, cylinder diameter 1. 5 meters. Sauvy industrial online repair machine, rewinding machine bearings wearing operation steps of (1) according to the equipment operation parameters and the size to determine the caliper positioning technologies; (2) processing caliper; (3) to repair parts for baking oil until the oil carbonization; (4) of dry axis wear surface polishing treatment, surface as rough as possible; (5) by volume than 1:3 proportion reconcile SD7104 carbon nano polymer material, until there is no color difference; 6 axis repair place daub SD7104 materials evenly without porosity; All landowners with calipers delay datum to research, to restore journal size; Today check fix size materials after curing; Pet-name ruby coating SD7104 material again, Ann to hot charging bearing and axial fixation. Paper machine dryer guide roller bearing an online repair photos
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