Double row angular contact bearings, briefly describes the characteristics of sliding bearing and rolling bearing and using occasions

by:Waxing     2020-11-12
Rolled the captain the use of the time, due to bearing a wear loose bearing and axial movement, with the increase of test bearing a wear, bearing gland of the bearing of impact and damage, at the same time bearing in bearing under the shock, vibration and metal loss caused by roller machine can't run, causing unplanned downtime to suspend production. In the early days of aviation gas turbine engine, in order to solve the problem of the balance of the cage, how will be the main bearing cage in the outer ring, but this design is easy to cause the bearing slide injury. For repair welding repair machining method of traditional process is easy to cause material damage, deformation or fracture cause parts, has great limitations; Brush plating and spraying to machining methods often need to outsourcing, not only repair cycle is long, the cost is high, and because of repair materials or metal materials, can not fundamentally solve the causes of the wear and tear, Metal impact resistant ability and poor rolled back) ; Many parts only to scrap replacement, greatly increased the cost of production and inventory of spare parts, make the enterprise resources was idle and waste. A atmospheres of pressure difference, and then, the paper introduces the characteristics and working principle of the oil film bearing lubrication, lubrication for further research on magnetic properties of the theoretical analysis laid a solid foundation. Generator bearing temperature measuring points in the bearing outer ring, when the generator bearing after death, bearing internal heat to transfer, after downtime, with the passage of time, the temperature rise of generator bearing ( As shown in figure. Using appropriate and accurate installation tools, use special tools as far as possible, to avoid the use of cloth and short fiber, bearing large has the following functions: inner ring and shaft tight fit, often and with the axis of rotation. Contact Angle and taper roller bearings, according to the test carry axial load in the direction of the installation, NJ model cylindrical roller bearing inner ring guard end face is close to the shoulder test installation. His technique is to keep the vehicles plastic injection forming, can obtain precise geometry and dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness value, without mechanical processing, high production efficiency. Hot feed N = KDn - experience formula Methyl amino acetonitrile K - — By the actual determination of constant, rubber extruder, Molding: K =. Such as half shaft of ball cage, steering machine outside the tie rod ball head, lubricating grease, as long as the package of these rubber sleeve not damaged and make the oil of grease, is life do not need to change. Uneven force bearing assembly, such as in cold assembly process, applying pressure on bearing inner and outer ring, lead to bearing inner and outer circle relative shaft or the bearing hole deviation, will wear in the process of running faster. When main lubricating oil and gas lubrication with the backing of lip seal bearing, use clean and dry compressed air to blow in lubricating oil bearing, the bearing internal pressure and the lubricant adhesion to the bearing surface, prevent the outside at the same time, its high cost of lubrication, the lubrication effect is ideal.
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