Double row angular contact ball bearing, bearing what research method

by:Waxing     2020-11-12
As these peripheral crescent gas cavity closed and is no longer with suction cavity, its closed volume is gradually transferred to the center of the fixed vortex disk and shrinking, gas have been compressed and pressure. It is more hard than stainless steel, so it can last longer, the higher the working temperature, allowing the tangent speed to reduce accordingly, when work ° C temperature is reached, the tangent velocity down ~ %. This paper introduces the function of bearing lubrication, commonly used way of lubrication, advantages and using scope, reasonable correct lubrication, the performance of the bearing can be much, prolong service life. Let's block to analyze the reasons of temperature rise under: electric fan is working, due to the current through the fan coil, wire is resistance, so will inevitably produce heat to heat, so the temperature will rise. Products are widely used in high load, swing or intermittent movement, such as vehicle production lines, water turbine, reservoir, job/accident door, plastic machinery, etc. , for example, roll machine support, crane support, but should not be used in water or alkali occasions. Rotary compressor blade ( Sliding vane) Rotary compressor, screw compressor, the current domestic production of air conditioner most use rotary compressor; Screw compressor is mainly used for large refrigeration equipment, refrigeration system main points several devices: compressor - The condenser - The throttle device - Evaporator its basic principle is that the compressor to compress refrigerant into high pressure saturated gas ( Ammonia and freon) The gaseous coolant through the condenser cooling. Fan working medium caused vibration force caused by the vibration of air, into the fan air pressure, flow rate changes caused by the working state of the change; Airflow to corrosion caused by vibration and impact of the blade: uneven dust concentration in air flow, make the rotor stress is not the same; Gas corrosion of blade rotor imbalance. Electric fan does not turn first think of is not motor lubrication, when the wind leaf in the motor, not to be removed after will find a shaft can normal operation, the fan motor is not broken. On the other hand, when low speed, high pressure should choose high viscosity of lubricating oil, fortunately oil-way set on dust cover or ball valve, and filter felt, cotton, wool, etc. Insulation bearing insulation inspection to examine the purpose and scope in order to ensure insulation performance, need to measure insulation condition of insulation bearing, including insulation resistance, bearing shaft voltage and shaft current. F, raceway surface and rolling body have severe creasing or bruised, deep groove ball bearings, deep groove ball bearings mainly bear radial load also can bear radial load and axial load at the same time. Rough surface with a stick, can cause ring, rolling bearing rust and corrosion on the surface of the body surface rust pit type, shape of pear skin rust and roller spacing same pit type rust, rust and corrosion.
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