Bearing to you introduce the classification of the rolling bearing ( A)

by:Waxing     2020-12-09
Classified according to the structure characteristics of the rolling bearing in accordance with the structure can be divided into: deep groove ball bearing, needle roller bearings, angular contact bearings, self-aligning ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, thrust ball bearings, torsion spherical roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, tapered roller bearings, insert ball bearing unit. According to size classification bearing according to its diameter size is divided into: 1, the miniature bearing - — Nominal diameter specifications category of 26 mm the following bearings. 2, small bearings - — Category for 28 - nominal diameter specifications 55 mm bearing. 3, small and medium-sized bearings - — Category for 60 - nominal diameter specifications The 115 mm bearing. 4, medium-sized bearing - — Nominal diameter specifications category is 120 - The 190 mm bearing. 5, large bearing - — Nominal diameter specifications category is 200 - The 430 mm bearing. 6, giant bearing - — Nominal diameter specifications category is 440 - The 2000 mm bearing. 7, heavy oversize bearings - — Nominal diameter is 2000 mm above the bearing specification category. The above is the content, the author has given you today to learn more about bearing small knowledge please focus on bearing's website or contact bearing sales engineer.
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