Bearing grease selection principle is what? - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-28
As one of the bearing lubrication grease material, under special circumstances, using grease can also form will be completely separated from the sliding surface of a layer of oil film. Due to its poor liquidity, so no cooling effect, commonly used in the liquid friction bearing the requirements is not high, often hard to oil or special and swaying motion of low speed and heavy loading. Bearing grease selection principle is what? Usually have three conditions: (1) unit of high pressure and sliding speed is low, choose cone into the smaller varieties, instead choose cone into the degree of larger varieties; (2) the dropping point of lubricating grease used a - Work should be higher than the bearing temperature of about 20 - The loss of 30 degrees, so as not to work too much grease. (3) in water or damp environment, should choose waterproof strong calcium base or aluminium base grease, when temperature is higher, should choose calcium sodium based or complex calcium base grease.
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