Vertical mill rod head bearing a repair site operation - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
Vertical mill, which are widely used in cement, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, the gold is mine, etc, is a kind of ideal large grinding equipment, can be massive, granular and powdered materials into powder material, required by its crushing, drying, grinding, grading transmission in a body, high production efficiency. Therefore, vertical mill parts repair, especially the problem of shaft has been the enterprise one of the most importance to industrial problems. Rod mill bearing an event of the wear and tear, the consequences is not only a delay in industrial production, so the repair process has been varied. Earlier traditional repair technology has lost the market, with high-tech reference, online repair -- more and more. Such as sauvy carbon nano polymer technology, is a relatively perfect and mature repair process. ( 1) Sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer technology in axial wear repair has the following principles: (1) is mainly used in static coordinate the repair wear and tear, and the operating temperature of the carbon nano polymer materials meet the field device, vibration, such as compressive strength, cohesive force, and various wear size requirements; (2) sauvy carbon nano polymer materials for axial repair in the industry first to ensure the concentricity of the equipment operation requirements; (3) sauvy industrial carbon nano polymer materials for axial repair to ensure repair match the requirements, the repair technology can achieve cooperation area of more than 95%, far higher than that of any a kind of traditional repair technology, including machining surface after matching area; (4) after repair the surface of the interference fit, cone, and heave tight fit, key connection fitting surface and so on parts assembly requirements; (5) guarantee to repair effect, such as rolling bearing with shaft or the bearing wear, as long as the bearing lubrication, normal operating temperature within the scope of the sauvy carbon nano polymer material requirements, bearing ablation or lock, component installation and fastening sauvy process in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation, can meet the requirements of long-term use, its service life more than any kind of traditional repair process, even more than the service life of the new parts. ( 2) On-site repair situation: the scene view rod head wear, found that the wear is relatively serious, not only affects the matching surface, and the wear between the parts with concentric have also been affected. The specific repair process is as follows: (1) surface oil, polished, remove oil surface and high; (2) using sauvy industrial specialized measuring surface wear size, welding anchor point, and according to the measurement of wear sizes with special measuring and grinding out the height of the point, that is ready to work is to get a job; (3) empty try lhe swelling, measuring prestressing quantity of lhe swelling sets, and precisely record data; (4) the use of anhydrous ethanol cleaning surface; According to the proportion sauvy SD7104 polymer materials, carbon nanotubes will reconcile apply good material to the shaft surface. Lhe swelling of the inner surface of daub SD7000 tuomoji, bulging tight set installed, its amount of preloaded consistent with the amount of preloaded empty time; (5) use iodine tungsten lamp with thermal tight set of outer surface, accelerate the curing materials and improve the performance of the material after curing; 6. Demolition of lhe swelling materials after curing, remove excess material, and clean the oil tank; 7) adjust the concave and convex seal clearance, after everything is ready in accordance with the installation of torque joint bearing and lhe swelling, the repair is completed. Late in the process of running in accordance with the requirements for secondary and three fastening bulge tight set, in order to achieve better effect. 3. Smith vertical grinding rod head bearing a picture at the site
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