Two-way thrust ball bearings SKF matters should be paid attention to when using grease - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
Two-way thrust ball bearing grease is indispensable in the work, any SKF bearing maintenance without grease, someone asked, grease more many more good? Of course, the answer is no, just below the bidirectional thrust ball bearing, the matters for attention in the use of grease. Bidirectional thrust ball bearing in the maintenance, the excessive grease in fact there are a lot of harm. Because the grease has good adhesion, abrasion resistance, temperature tolerance, rust and lubricity, can improve the high temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, can dissolve carbon deposition, prevent poly metal abrasive dust and oil pollution, the improved mechanical wear, pressure and corrosion resistance. If the more grease filling amount, the greater the friction torque will be. The same filling amount, the sealed bearing friction torque is greater than the open bearing. Grease filling amounts to 60% of the SKF bearing internal space volume, the friction torque is no longer increased obviously. This is due to open in the bearing grease has been most extrusion, but also has lost in the sealed bearing grease. With the increased amount of grease filling, two-way thrust ball bearing linear temperature increase, the same filling amount, SKF bearing temperature rise is higher than the open bearings. It is generally believed that sealed rolling bearing grease filling amount, shall not be more than about 50% of the internal space. Shawki and Mokhtar test shows that the bidirectional thrust ball bearing, 20% to 30% in the most appropriate.
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