To repair the bearing chamber, also can such knowledge - bearing

by:Waxing     2020-05-31
A coarse sieve feed pump ( Sulzer) Bearing chamber wear, because the pump is critical in the machine operation, enterprise attaches great importance to. Pump shaft speed 1450 r/min, the field measurement of wear 0. 1 mm or so, affect the normal bearing assembly. Pump shell value higher, tens of thousands of yuan, if the scrap replacement, after adopted, for example, the high cost of a new technology - — Carbon nano polymer technology.     Carbon nanotubes polymer technology is a, which is different from traditional in the subsequent production and operation process of equipment, maintenance cycle and so on have more progress, and through the online repair is completed.     Bearing chamber for coarse sieve feed pump wear and tear, past the repair scheme has the following categories: (online process 1) The brush plating technology ( 2) Pitting, direct bearing assembly & emsp;   Low brush plating repair technology & emsp;   Its advantage is that you can realize the online repair, its shortcomings are very obvious. The brush plating coating brush plating technology is limited by the amount of wear, general electric brush plating coating to brush plating thickness less than 0. 2mm。 When wear is greater than zero. 2 mm, the brush plating efficiency drops will be multiplied, and too thick brush plating, in the process of using brush plating are easy to fall off, short service life. 2 - to wear depth 3 mm's case, cannot be achieved online brush plating brush plating technology.     Low scutching point & emsp;   Scutching point repair technology is a kind of emergency measures, and is limited to wear very mild, after repair of the bearing inner ring and shaft fit only for contacts, so in the operation process under the condition of large load, pitting susceptible to fatigue wear and short service life, is only a temporary emergency.     After considering several bearing housing maintenance process, selection of carbon nano polymer, largely because the cohesive force of material itself is good, good pressure resistance, abrasion resistance and have metal comprehensive mechanics performance of elastic deformation, etc, the other is to repair the details of technical guidance, such as online repair, machine repair, repair efficiency is high, don't need a large number of disassembly, to equipment - usually eight hours To complete the repair within 24 hours.
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