Timken damage reasons of thrust needle roller bearing and maintenance skills - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-05-29
In front of the thrust needle roller bearing is completely destroyed, it provides users find enough time, do not ignore the existence of this kind of friction, it will cause a decrease in the speed of riding, make long distance energy consumption greater speed slower. If subtle for surface roughness, if there is proper thickness of lube film, the surface stress generated by the probability is quite low, which is why the choice of appropriate for the reason of engine oil for lubrication, however, if the load exceeds the oil film pressure of pu value ( The fatigue load limit value, such as high speed, high pressure shock) , the material fatigue will come sooner or later. In order to let the timken bearing axis of clamping, prevent the formation of bushing friction phenomenon ( This kind of phenomenon will be instant high temperature on the high speed rotating machinery, oil boil dry and even cause heat to stuck, cause downtime) So bearing thunk within and outside the bowl ( Industry is also called the bearing box) Using a 'interference' phenomenon, popular said is the axis is bigger than in dang, or bowl larger than the load content, this kind of interference takes a lot of power to be able to load, this load to knock perlin requires a great deal of power, which can cause palin in the process of tapping damage, so the big timken bearing usually adopt heating on the industrial, hydraulic jacking method. ( 1) As a deputy to the difficulty of the composition of alloy materials metallurgy. ( 2) Materials and affinity of lubricant. ( 3) Become vice material in the absence of the friction factor of lubrication condition. ( 4) The microstructure of materials. ( 5) Thermal conductivity of materials. ( 6) The size of the material surface energy and the characteristics of the oxide film. With oil pump will come into your timken bearing high pressure oil through the nozzle, into the thrust needle roller bearing in the bearing at the other end into the oil in the tank. When bearing at high speed, rolling element and cage with high rotate speed makes the surrounding air, the air with general lubrication methods are difficult to be sent to thrust needle roller bearing lubricating oil, use the method of high-pressure jet spray the lubricating oil must be taken to the double row deep groove ball bearing, the position of the nozzle should be placed between inner ring and retainer center.
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