TIMKEN bearing using the principles of attention - bearing grease

by:Waxing     2020-05-27
In TIMKEN bearing lubrication is important one annulus, use process as a result, many people think that use grease on bearing the more the better, it's not. The amount of grease is also have a degree. TIMKEN bearings in general grease filling quantity can refer to the following principles: ( 1) General bearings should not be filled with grease, with 1/2 - to all bearing inner cavity space 3/4; ( 2) Two-thirds of horizontal bearing filled lumen space - 3/4; ( 3) Half of the vertical bearing installed for filling in the cavity space ( Upper) , 3/4 ( Underside) ; ( 4) In the easy to pollution of the environment, for low or medium speed bearings, the bearing and the bearing box full fill the space; ( 5) High-speed bearing in the bearing should be taken before fat on the high quality lubricating oil, is generally used on the grease base oil of soaking, lest at startup caused by insufficient friction surface grease bearing burn out. TIMKEN bearing grease is usually make a similar viscosity or apparent viscosity, said when, on the viscosity of grease must specify the temperature and shear rate. Similar viscosity index can be used to control the low temperature fluidity and pumping. Measure the TIMKEN bearing grease performance at low temperature is one of the important indicators of low temperature torque, namely at low temperature ( - 20 ° c below) Grease block bearing rotational degree of low speed flows, the low temperature torque of the grease by the starting torque and rotation torque after 60 mm average said. The evaporative (TIMKEN bearing grease C) Said in the long-term use under condition of high temperature grease, grease oil volatilization, evaporative as small as possible. The evaporative mainly depends on the nature of the lubricating oil and fat fractions. Oxidation stability is refers to the grease when used in long-term storage or long-term high temperature resistance to heat and oxygen, permanent changes in their ability to maintain its nature will not occur. Due to oxidation, are often free alkali content reduced or free organic acid content increases, drop point drop, dark appearance, appear different smell, consistency, ultimate strength, similar viscosity decreased, generated corrosive product and destroy the material of grease, soap oil separation. In long-term storage of grease, therefore, should be stored in dry and ventilated environment, prevent sun, and shall regularly check free base or free change of the project such as organic acid, corrosion resistance, to ensure its quality and performance.
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