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Tianjin mining explosion-proof distribution box customized custom explosion-proof motor bearing maintenance - bearing knowledge

by:Waxing     2020-06-03
The use and maintenance of the sliding bearing (explosion-proof electric motor 4) Before starting for the first time in the motor, for self lubricating explosion-proof motor, must to the bearing box filling suitable lubricating oil; For outside circulation oil motor, must ensure that the fuel supply system installation and debugging, working properly. Choose the appropriate lubricating oil and the correct filling, is the key of the sliding bearing work, should refer to the following content: (1) lubricants brand choice. Any low foam and high quality mineral oils with good anti-aging ability, as long as it can meet the requirements of the lubricating oil viscosity can be used. The viscosity of the lubricating oil can be selected according to table 1. Commonly used lube oil for L - TSA46 and L - TSA32。 (2) for the lubrication of explosion-proof motor, when refueling should guarantee the oil level height in the sliding bearing oil standard height of 1/2 - Between two thirds. For external pressure explosion-proof motor cycle oil, oil ring is installed, used to prevent external circulating oil supply shortage, to ensure the safe running of the equipment. Should pay special attention to: the bearing oil inlet pressure should be adjusted, maintain traffic, make the oil bearing internal stability in oil standard height of 1/2 - Between two thirds, and more than this level can cause bearing oil. 01 - Between 5 mpa, when stop gauge value will rise slightly. (3) with oil pool heater motor, if the motor used in the winter in the north, in 1 h, before starting the heater must be open, and time, pay attention to the oil temperature oil pool, to ensure the oil temperature does not exceed 50 t. 1 bearing temperature monitoring in explosion-proof motor running, the need to monitor the temperature of the sliding bearing, but should pay attention not to judge only by bearing temperature bearing running condition, more important is the change of bearing temperature, often should observe the change of the bearing temperature and record, if discover the bearing temperature rise, and compared to before the numerical value of similar conditions are abnormal, must be determined to stop its reason and ruled out. About bearing * allows the use of the determination of the temperature, different industries have different requirements, related standards is not the same. But from a technical point of view, * allows the use of temperature of the bearing and bearing alloy materials and casting processing quality, the location of the temperature measuring point and the performance of the lubricating oil.
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